Road cargo transports in gauge and OOG, direct transshipment projects
Containerized and bulk maritime transport
Cargo & containers terminal and warehouse handling operations
Warehousing, cargo handling and packing
Custom clearance and technical support

Road transport

Internal and international cargo road transport

The transport and logistics departments will receive your requests and will customize every offer according to:

The Transport department can coordinate the loading for 1500-2000 tons daily (depending of the loading capacity of the operator/depositary), working in SPOT projects which must be urgently dispatched, depending of the cargo type (from conventional palletized cargo to reinforced steel that needs full uncovering, steel coils with necessary moorage, slim bags filled with different types of cargo etc.)..

TSC team specialized in transport of construction, metal materials and raw materials, having a specialized fleet, with the capacity to transport extra weight.

Apart from conventional transportation, we also offer over-sized transportation for which our designated employees keep permanent contact with the respective clients.


The types of transport we can provide for our partners are the following: