Road cargo transports in gauge and OOG, direct transshipment projects
Containerized and bulk maritime transport
Cargo & containers terminal and warehouse handling operations
Warehousing, cargo handling and packing
Custom clearance and technical support

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Custom representation and custom services

Our colleagues can assist on all customs procedure both in Constanta harbor and also Constanta South Agigea, according to the place your cargo will be received, by truck or by container.

Since we are interested in direct promptness and you in low costs on the dispatch sector, our system procedures keep documentation flow very low considering that we take this type of operations even before the arrival of the goods and check the documentation in due time.

The offer for these services will depend on both you and your chosen procedure by: number of trucks, containers, LTL for which we are preparing the offers, clients’ costs by budget, type of contract, frequency and many other indicators that keep term partnership on long terms.

If you plan an import and / or export and not have enough information, our specialists can offer free advice, please contact us on mentioned numbers from the Contact section. 

Our staff will represent your interests to Constanta Regional Direction and will send in due time their requests to the designated people to supply the requested data. Also, you will be aware in advance of:

All this in the shortest amount of time so that merchandise avoids additional procedures which can extend the delivery and increase the costs with needless storage due to the lack of information.

We do understand the bureaucracy practiced in the Romanian customs procedures and its legal justification, and we grant our clients all the cooperation and information they need before any complications may appear.


Cargo storage and handling

For the clients who need delivery at a later date towards various destinations we can offer the needed storage space (including controlled temperature).

The logistics department will supply you with our price list according to:

Constanta Port

TSC has the following possibilities:

Port of Constanta South Agigea

Industrial area, Constanta (city)

Lashing and packing services

Our company has specialized equipment for transporting goods that require special travel conditions: